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This story kinda came to me as a was really strange. But anyway, it's based off the Warriors books by Erin Hunter && the characters are totally made up.
 Also, I don't really have an official name/episode for this adventure, so I'd appreciate any and all ideas as I continue to post the story :)
--'s kinda loooonnng, lol

How did Windpaw stay so hyper late at night? 
-- Dawnpaw


 “Gather around, cats of BlazeClan. Our new camp is spoken of by StarClan,” the grey she-cat leader spoke from atop the large rock, her voice clear and calm. A pelt of blackness hugged the forest, showcasing a variety of glittering balls, as the clan did as they were told and clustered around our new meeting spot. I stepped forward with the other apprentices and took a place in the growing crowd.
 Nestling in, I wrapped my black tail around my boney forepaws and pricked my ears up in readiness. We had recently moved our clan camp to a more central location, closer to the rushing rivers and fertile forests, abundant with fresh-prey. I didn’t know what to think; everyone (excluding the kits) was required to pitch in hauling our various supplies. The young cats (like myself) weren’t allowed any input in any clan-wide decisions. I looked to the snow-white tom sitting contently next to me, a curious smirk spread across his face.
 “What are you so happy about?” I implied, turning my whole body to face my fellow apprentice.
 “What are you so unhappy about? Aren’t you excited to hear about the fate of our new camp?” I could detect the definite eagerness in his voice and facial expression. His tail whipping back and forth was a dead giveaway.
 “Windpaw, don’t get too excited now. You can’t be too sure. How do you know it’s not a bad prophecy? How do you know it’s not-” I replied, before he interrupted me.
 “Don’t be silly, Dawnpaw. Why would Serenestar move the entire clan, only to receive a disastrous prophecy?”
 “I guess you’re right,” I gave in quickly, shaking a light coat of snow from my pelt. Sunpaw and I reluctantly reverted our gazes to our leader. By now, the warriors and elders had gathered around in uneven rows behind the apprentices, queens, and kits.
 “As you all know,” Serenestar’s voice was stronger and sharper than before, obviously trying to catch the attention of the chattering cats. In response, the clan camp fell silent, and all eyes were now on the leader. She gave a relieved sigh, took a deep breath, and went on, “we have moved BlazeClan’s camp quite a ways away from its original location. We have done this as to be closer to hunting grounds and rivers. I’m sure our warriors and older apprentices have grown tired of the long trek to the far out forests, that are now only thirty tail-lengths away. We have quite a few more caves and shelters than before. In addition, they are a lot larger. Warriors, you will not be as cramped as you once were.” a rising murmur of excitement arose as the cats (warriors and elder apprentices in particular) whispered amongst themselves. I heard Windpaw joist something excitedly in my ear, but I couldn’t make out the words. I gave an acknowledging nod, my eyes still glued to Serenestar. Everyone quickly fell silent once again as the leader continued.
 “However, to some extent, this territory is more dangerous than the territory we previously inhabited. DarkClan camp is closer than before, and they see us as a threat to their territory. There are also a lot of loners lurking in the bramble and are sometimes known to attack clan camps. Foxes are a potential threat to kits and inexperienced apprentices. We must be prepared for these dangers, but additionally look to the positive side.” The warriors, elders, and queens silently nodded in agreement.
 My insides tightened at the thought of BlazeClan being attacked by a neighboring clan. I hadn’t yet taken part in a real fight; one against another clan. I had only fought in training with my mentor, and that was something totally different. I could tell that many of the other apprentices felt the same, the way they yowled nervously at each other. I began to swing my head around to commerce with the more-than-hyper Windpaw, when my eyes abruptly locked upon a dappled, grey cat—unmistakably an apprentice like myself.
 I watched the she-cat as she licked a forepaw and brought it slowly to her left ear. At the same time, she mumbled to yet, another apprentice. A gentle smile formed across her face at something the other had said. I was curious to hear what the cats were saying, though it was impossible due to the still-rising cacophony encasing the huge group of cats.“At the moment, I would like kits and queens to return to the nursery. Warriors, please discuss tomorrow’s plans with your apprentices. Well, I suppose that is all.” Serenestar spoke one last time, and hopped down from the ginormous idled rock. The moment this occurred, the clan immediately dispersed.
 “Where’s your mentor, Dawnpaw?” Windpaw’s fat, white face soon blocked my view of the unknown cat. I attempted to look past it, but his whiskers were abnormally long, and his wide eyes were casting an I’m-bored-and-I-feel-like-being-nosey gaze.
 “I...don’t...know…” I mumbled quickly, pulling my jet-black ears back. I tilted my head this time, not caring how obvious it seemed. Besides, that’s what any smart apprentice would do if an annoying, rabbit-faced cat was staring at them mercilessly.
 “Don’t worry, I’m sure ’ell be here any minute. So….what’cha think of the new clan camp?” this time he drew closer, beginning to jump wildly. He was so close, his nose almost touched mine.
 “Not too sure…” I took a step to the left, and then to the right, avoiding the tom’s eyes.
 “I say there’s still a lot to be desired.” Windpaw tapped a furry paw on his cheek, “First of all, the apprentices’ den. Have you seen all those little holes in the roof?”
 “It’s a cave, Windpaw.” I sighed.
 “Right, but still. There are only seven leaf-pile beds. It’s like-”
 “There are only seven apprentices.”
 “Yeah, but what if they decide to recruit another apprentice, and they don’t have a bed? Not to mention the cave is only thirty tail-lengths wide. ”
 “I’m going back to the den.” I said wearily, starting back toward the cave on the far side of the camp. How did he stay so hyper so late at night?
 “What ‘bout you’re mentor?” Windpaw persistently came up on my left, matching his stride with mine, “Serenestar said-”
 “I’ll talk to Hawksong in the morning.” I insisted, plopping down at the cave’s entrance. For some odd reason, saying my mentor’s name aloud felt so good. I found myself smiling, but it disappeared as soon as my big-mouthed counterpart took a seat next to me.  
 “But, Dawnpawww!” He looked a little too comfortable, the way his amber eyes resembled a spoiled kit’s and his voice almost a whine.
 “Goodnight, Windpaw,” I rolled my eyes, and entered the damp den, now only lit by the meager glow of the full moon. I let out a sigh of relief as I padded to the large pile of fresh leaves in the far corner of the room. Before long, I collapsed onto the bed and did a long-awaited stretch.
 My heavy eyelids were half closed before I noticed the beautiful she-cat I had seen earlier, a bed away, encased in deep slumber atop her leaf throne. Her limbs were sprawled unevenly on either side of her, head tucked to her chest. Her dappled cheeks, tail, and stomach were strikingly luminous under the reflected beams of moonlight. I had never seen anyone or anything sleep so soundlessly and prettily before. My eyes lingered on the cat for a few long moments before my eyelids sank closed and I slowly fell to sleep.


 “Dawnpaw… ...Daawwnnpaw…” In what seemed like mere seconds, I could feel the warm breath of another cat across my neck and on my cheeks. The voice was attempted to sound eerie, but was quickly recognizable through closed eyes.
 “Windpaw, lemme sleeppp!” I murmured, turning onto my side and attempting to block out his voice.
 “Dawnpaw! Get up!” Windpaw persisted eagerly, pawing my exposed back.
 “Go away…”
 "C'mon, this is serious! Serenestar wants everyone to report immediately to the Meeting Rock, but won't say why."
 "And your point?" My eyes flicked open irritantly. Windpaw's figure was brightly illuminated by the intruding sun, making his face only half visible in the glare. I tried to look away, as it blinded me.
 "You'll get punished if you don't do what she says." a smirk formed on his face, as he watched my expression change.
 "Fine." I grumbled. I could've lain there all day, cuddled in the green leaves, sticking my nose into the pine smell I loved so much; but, there was something about punishment that made me wobble to my paws and stretch. As I got up and surveyed the entire den, I could see that all of the other apprentices were already gone, probably out in the bustling crowd. The sounds coming through the den's entrance were almost identical to those of the meeting last night.
 Kits wailed to their mothers, warriors conversed with elders and apprentices.