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Fireheart's Journal

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Again, Fireheart's Journal was an assignment for school. In 7th grade, I had to write a journal for the main character in a book I read. The book I chose was Into the Wild, and I did Rusty/Firepaw/Fireheart. If you've read the book, you probably already know the story, but feel free to read my journal =D

 Lots of the cats in the Clan really believed Brokenstar’s warning. All of the warriors and senior warriors were busy readying the camp for an attack. There was a debate about whether Yellowfang should stay or go.

 Last night, I had that same dream. I was creeping through the forest, stalking a wild mouse. Imagine that; a real mouse! A lot better than those nasty food pellets I get for every…single…meal.
 I talked to Smudge, the cat next-door today. I took my usual spot on the fence separating Smudge’s and my houses, as Smudge repeated a story told by the cat across the street. He said that some cats dwell in small communities in the midst of the forest, catching their own, live food. Smudge is a pretty good storyteller-maybe those wild cats have something to do with my dream…
I decided to venture out and explore the forest today. The building suspense was too agonizing. Besides, it was only for a little while.
 I jumped the fence over to Smudge’s house, heading for the clump of trees and bramble just ahead-when Smudge appeared.
 He’s like, “What’cha doing, Rusty?”
 I say, “Exploring the forest. Don’t worry, I’ll be back.” I left it at that. I was too eager.
 I cautiously arrived at the forest’s edge. It was silent, yet mysterious.
 BOOM! Something catapulted onto my back and bit, just between the shoulders blades. I bucked wildly, desperate to relieve the pain. I flipped onto my back quickly, and the animal broke into a fit of mewing and hissing. I was able to wiggle free, and took off running towards the fence. The sound behind me told me that It was another cat, and was chasing me.
 I was soon slowing down, out of breath. I absentmindedly spun around to see a kitten, similar to myself; except instead of fiery-red, he sported gray fur.
 “Hey, kittypet! You put up quite a fight for a tame kitty!” I stared at him quizzically for a moment as he continued talking contently. He said his name was GraySomething and he belonged to a wild cat group called ThunderClan. He asked what I was doing in the woods, continuing to call me a ’kittypet’. I argued with him a little, saying that it probably isn’t that dangerous. Then Graywhatsit went on about ’The Four Clans’ or something that I hardly understood. I had to admit, it was a pretty intriguing discussion.
 Suddenly without warning, a couple of large, adult cats approached. I sat dumbfounded, my tail wrapped around my front paws as Graywhatsit bowed respectfully to the cats.
 “Who is this?” the blue-gray she-cat spoke to Graywhatsit.
 “No threat to our Clan; Just a Twoleg pet.” My eyes flamed at the words. Just a Twoleg Pet! I hesitantly bowed in a similar way Graywhatsit had.  The other tom broke in, scolding Graywhatsit. The three cats had a fierce argument back and forth that I didn’t half understand. I sat still until the tom that Graywhatsit referred to as Lionheart, told us to get up.
 We obeyed, as the gray-blue cat, known supposedly as ’Bluestar’, spoke again, “You fought well, kittypet.” I exchanged glances with Graywhatsit. Bluestar continued on how she wondered about my potential in a cat Clan. After some arguing by Graywhatsit and LionSomething, the sentence came: “Would you like to join ThunderClan?” I was speechless, “You can think about it. Lionheart will be back at sunhigh.”
 The three cats suddenly disappeared, mixed feelings circling in my head. I hurried back towards home, confronting Smudge with the offer I’d obtained.
This morning, for some reason, I felt somewhat different. I spent it socializing with all of my childhood friends, including Smudge. After saying sorrowful goodbyes, I hopped the fence, curious to see if Lionheart was actually there. I stood patiently, waiting in the spot we had conversed earlier. Suddenly, Lionheart appeared, asking if I knew if he was alone or not. Another cat he introduced as ‘Whitestorm’ padded out from the bramble.
 Lionheart then lead Whitestorm and me through a variety of logs, large rocks, and foul-smelling gullies. We soon arrived at a large, long path; the main entrance to the ThunderClan camp. A mixed scent hung in the air, telling of many cats.
 I curiously entered behind the other two. There was a large gathering of over thirty
different cats in the middle of a clearing. Throughout the day, I was shown each aspect of the Clan in turn, including the other apprentices.
 Bluestar even announced my arrival to everyone-of course there was a lot of verbal mutiny expressed against Bluestar’s decision. One tom’s harsh joisting could be heard above the rest, bragging that I didn’t belong. In rage, I flung myself onto the cat, in a similar way I had to Graypaw yesterday. In the end, the tom, Longtail, somehow ripped off my collar (yes, freedom!) and I gave him a permanent rip on the ear. The other cats praised my success, saying they were wrong. Bluestar called me back to the front, announcing that my name would be changed from ’Rusty’ to ’Firepaw’-A real warrior name!
  As Graypaw ran over to congratulate me, my new name, Firepaw, echoed through the camp. I smiled proudly. Firepaw the apprentice-rolls off the tongue better than Rusty. 
 Just then, a black cat, obviously an apprentice, entered the camp, blood dripping from a gash on his shoulder. I looked to Graypaw, who had just identified the figure to be
Ravenpaw. Ravenpaw explained that he and someone called Redtail had been in a battle against five cats from another Clan-RiverClan, I think. He sobbed that Redtail had perished in the fight, and all of the others in the clearing broke into dramatic cries.
 About an hour ago, I shared my first real meal (mouse) with Graypaw. Delicious!
 I barely know anyone, but I still feel bad for everyone close to this ’Redtail’ as they sit together tonight, remembering all of his wonderful characteristics and deeds… a tradition performed when any clan cat dies, according to Graypaw.
 Graypaw woke me up super early this morning.
 “Training begins at sunrise, hurry up!” he had said. It took forever to actually get up and get going. He had said the two of us were training with Lionheart and Tigerclaw,
Ravenpaw’s mentor (since Ravenpaw’s wound hasn’t healed yet). After Graypaw had said those words, I jumped up, stretched out, and we took off, out beyond the camp boundaries.
 We met the two warriors in a sandy hollow, Tigerclaw nagging us to be ’punctual’ next time. Tigerclaw and Lionheart proceeded to show Graypaw and I the edges of ThunderClan territory. They pointed out the Treecut place, the Sunningrocks, and Fourtrees, explaining each one. I got the opportunity to take a whiff of other Clans’ smells-let me tell you, those were awkward.
 When we arrived back at camp, Graypaw and I took some fresh-kill, and began wharfing it down. Meanwhile, Bluestar was gathering a party of cats to go to the all-Clan peace gathering at Fourtrees.
 After dinner, Graypaw and I ’shared tongues”, grooming each other. It was quite relaxing.
Just to make sure, Graypaw and I arrived at the hollow earlier than yesterday. Better yet, Ravenpaw joined us today; for some reason, though, he looked really unhappy. Graypaw questioned his mood, and Ravenpaw confessed he was just afraid of his shoulder getting hurt again.
 Suddenly, Lionheart and Tigerclaw appeared. We greeted the warriors, and they explained we were to practice stalking prey. It was quite fun. Lionheart complimented me! Plus, I caught my first mouse! Now, I’m officially a ThunderClan apprentice.
Yeah, I… um… forget to write for a loooonnng time. I’ve been busy training with my best friends, Graypaw and Ravenpaw-but it’s sure been fun!
 Today was my first day on hunting duty; My first solo task.
 I was trying to catch a water vole earlier, when another cat snuck up and scared it away. The cat attacked me forcefully, and I lashed at him back. It was then that I recognized the voice as Graypaw. We play-fought for a little while longer, then he offered to help me hunt for the clan. During the process, an fox appeared. Trust me, you don’t want to see one of those hideous things.
 After we caught some prey, we reached the Thunderpath. Across it, a pair of eyes studied us. My insides tightened when we realized it was a ShadowClan warrior.
 When we were a safe distance from the path, Graypaw ran off to deliver a message he’d supposed to deliver a while ago, and I retraced my steps, heading back towards the camp.
 Suddenly, an unfamiliar scent grasped my throat– a stranger. I traced movement, but
couldn’t put my paw on it. WHAM! The she-cat smacked into me, large paws grasping my shoulders.
 As we took heavy swipes at each other, I heard her speak, “Ah, a puny apprentice. Easy prey for Yellowfang,” As soon as Yellowfang bit down on my shoulder again, I sprung upwards with all of my weight. She went flying into a gorse bush. Yellowfang lashed back, then I got her. We rolled over and over, biting each other. Then Yellowfang asked me to finish her off. Only then, the physical attacking ceased. I hesitated, then went quickly to fetch the hungry
she-cat some fresh prey I had caught earlier. She thankfully ate it, despite her temper.
 Out of nowhere, Tigerclaw and a few other cats appeared. He scolded me, heavily, and we trudged back to the camp taking Yellowfang as a prisoner.
 As punishment, I have to take care of Yellowfang and her wounds-even clear away her dirt! Ugh! That should be fun…
 A hard day of fetching herbs, food, bedding, everything for Yellowfang. Worst of all, Graypaw and Ravenpaw went training without me!
 Today when going to get some medicine for Yellowfang, Bluestar, the clan leader, called me to her den. She told me that I could join my friends for training again. I met Ravenpaw and Graypaw at our usual tree stump, and we went to find Tigerclaw.
 Tigerclaw said that we were having a test; he sent each of us to hunt in a different part of the forest to hunt. He said he’d be ‘watching all of us’… what could that have meant? I was assigned the woods just past the Treecut place. I easily followed the route, having been there before. Although, there was an unfamiliar smell lingering in the air. My muscles relaxed when I realized the cat emerging from the bramble was my old friend, Smudge. I was fully speechless. He smelled a lot different, though he remembered me.
 “Rusty?” he gaped.
 “I’m called Firepaw now,” I explained, telling the complete story of becoming a ‘wildcat’ as Smudge addressed them. He still believed that I lived with Twolegs. Either way, I was glad to see him.
 I returned to Tigerclaw, grasping a chaffinch. Apparently, I had been the first one back, so I went to fetch the rest of the prey I’d caught and buried.
 When I got back with my second load, Graypaw appeared with a squirrel. Within a few minutes of Graypaw’s entrance, Ravenpaw showed himself, carrying an impressive adder.
 The Gathering is tomorrow. Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and I ate a meal of our own fresh catch, sharing our thoughts on who would be invited.
 Later, Bluestar called me away, asking me about my encounter with Smudge. Tigerclaw had told her about it. Bluestar asked if I missed my old life-how could she think that? I’m completely happy living in the wild! After I discussed with her, that I didn’t miss it one bit (and I don’t), she informed that Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and I are invited to the Gathering. I still can’t believe it!
 It was incredibly hard to get through the morning-how I longed to finally go to a Gathering! Even so, the three of us were able to hold our euphoria.
 When night fell, Bluestar gathered everyone a group of cats to venture to the Gathering. Graypaw, Ravenpaw, and I stood among them.
 Bluestar lead us to the crowded Fourtrees, where two other Clans conversed loudly. There were supposed to be three other clans, but someone had told me WindClan had been driven off their territory by ShadowClan. Tigerclaw gave the signal for us to disperse and begin chatting with ShadowClan and RiverClan.
 Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and I joined a group of other apprentices. Ravenpaw immediately jumped onto a large stump and began telling the story of the battle with Redtail. He was even a more vivid storyteller than Smudge!
 Soon, Brokenstar, leader of ShadowClan, took center stage. I stood in horror as he announced that his clan would be hunting on ThunderClan and RiverClan territory if we didn’t allow them rights to. He went on about a rouge roaming the forest that would hurt our kits-we gaped at the sudden thought of Yellowfang being that rouge.
 The all-clan meeting was very interesting… but not the kind of interesting I was hoping for.
 Lots of the cats in the Clan really believed Brokenstar’s warning. All of the warriors and senior warriors were busy readying the camp for an attack. There was a debate about whether Yellowfang should stay or go.
 Hearing Tigerclaw talking harshly about Ravenpaw possibly being a rouge, I sorrowfully told Ravenpaw and Graypaw. Ravenpaw looked more jittery than usual. Graypaw pledged that we should take Ravenpaw far away from the Clan-I had heard Tigerclaw speak of killing my black friend. My insides swelled as I grimly agreed to assist Graypaw.
 The three of us ran briskly through the damp forest to find a loner that we’d met earlier, thinking Ravenpaw could stay with him. We slowly bid him goodbye, promising we’d visit him. Graypaw and I trudged back to camp with heavy hearts, pushing through the gorse entrance.
 WHEN, out of nowhere, ShadowClan cats enter the territory. There’s a fierce battle between cats, that I throw myself into, thoughtlessly. Apparently, one of ThunderClan’s kits had gone missing, so at the same time, our Clan was also out to get Yellowfang.
 It turned out that Yellowfang was guarding the kits’ den with all her might. The ShadowClan warriors tried to get to the kits, but Yellowfang was quicker. She scared away a number of warriors, as I left scratches on a couple. Next, Brokenstar unexpectedly pounced straight toward Graypaw and I. I jumped onto his back, wrestling him, surprisingly, to the ground. We fought back and forth, Graypaw joining in fiercely. I bit quickly into Brokenstar’s shoulder and he let out a petrified yelp. Soon enough, he took off into the bramble, followed by his terrified warriors.
 All eyes were now on Graypaw and I; we sat speechless, licking small wounds covering our bodies. Bluestar hastily called us to the middle of the clearing, as other cats gathered around.
“Where is Ravenpaw? There is some business we must take care of that he is respectably missing out on.” she said to Graypaw and I. Our heads dropped.
“He’s dead.” I lied briefly, sneaking a look at Graypaw. The crowd gasped, calling out comments of pity.
 “We’ll all mourn young Ravenpaw’s death-after this ceremony.” Bluestar looked from the clan to us two, “Firepaw, from now on, you will be known as Fireheart. Graypaw, you shall be known as Graystripe.” We nodded solemnly, accepting the warrior traditions and rules.
 I’m eager to start my journey as a warrior, but I still feel heavy resentment. As I swear a oath of silence (just for the night), a tradition performed by all new warriors, Graypaw and I think quietly about our best friend, Ravenpaw. We have willingly lied to protect Ravenpaw’s life, but even now I wish with all my might to take it back. Only StarClan, way up in Silverpelt (the night sky), knows the fate of me and my two companions…

{T h a t ' s   i t ! ! !}