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  Hey everyone, and welcome to Intuition! I'm Hannah, otherwise known as H2. Props to anyone who's redirected themselves to this page via Kaitlyn and my Language Arts webpage! This is where my ah-mazing stories go- what better place than the internet? Click around to read my stories, or just admire my beautiful artwork. All graphics, like the one you see on the left, were made completely by me. Rawr, I'm an HTML master :3
  On another note, be on the lookout for Julia and my story newsletter. In there, we'll include lots of random stuff, that'll hopefully make you guys come back for more! That should be out once a month- look for it!
  So, enjoy my webbie, and tell me what you think of my stories :)

Julia's Marvelous Stories

What's New?
{} 10/3/08
     Remodel of Home page!
{}  9/11/08
       New site name!
       Entry added to Warriors!
{} 7/19/08
      Pics added to The Solo!